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Guidelines for the Establishment and Operation of ABA Dual Chapters

Dual Chapters are organized to support the goal and objectives of the American Breweriana Association (hereafter referred to as the ABA). The existence of the Dual Chapters must be mutually beneficial to the ABA. To that end, the ABA will support these Dual Chapters and monitor their activities to insure compliance with applicable laws that apply to non-profit groups and to protect the ABA from any liability or indebtedness that could result from their activities.

Pursuant to Article X of the Constitution of the ABA, the Board of Directors has established the following guidelines for the organization of the Chapters.

1. Organization: An existing group currently associated with a recognized Breweriana organization: BCCA, ECBA, NABA (hereafter referred to as Affiliate) serving a geographic area; may apply for Dual Chapter affiliation.

2. Membership: All Officers and Directors of the current Dual Chapter must hold Regular Member status in the ABA. This must be maintained to in order to continue as a Dual Chapter in the ABA.

(a) Members of the Dual Chapter will pay annual dues directly to the ABA, currently $35 per year, on their dues anniversary date. Any dues assessed by the Dual Chapter will be paid directly to the Dual Chapter.

3. Operation:
(a) Dual Chapters will be autonomous in their overall operation, however, they must subscribe to the goals and objectives of the ABA and its Code of Ethics. Constitution and By-Laws of Dual Chapters may not conflict with those of the ABA or its policies. These policies include no paid officers or directors, operation as a non-profit entity, strict accountability of funds with full financial disclosure to the membership, and the provision that no members may benefit financially from his or her membership.

b) No Dual Chapter may incur debt in the name of the ABA, and the ABA assumes no liability or responsibility for the actions of such groups, their officers, or members.

(c) The ABA retains the right to audit and review the financial operations of all Dual Chapters to insure compliance with the laws applicable to non-profit, tax exempt IRS 501 (c) (3) corporations. In the event of the dissolution of the Dual Chapter, assets after all financial obligations of the group have been satisfied, will be divided equally between the ABA and any other group(s) the Dual Chapter was affiliated with. (BCCA, ECBA, NABA)

(d) Dual Chapters will elect, as a minimum, three officers to include a president, vice president, and secretary-treasurer. No fewer than three directors will be elected. The Dual Chapter will constitute the Board of Directors with full authority to set policy and oversee the operation of the Dual Chapter. Terms of office and specific duties of officers, directors, and appointed committee members, shall be determined by the Dual Chapter.

4. General:
(a) Regularly scheduled meetings of the Dual Chapter are recommended. The ABA will, if requested, assist the Dual Chapters by maintaining a mailing list of the Dual Chapter's membership holding Regular Membership in the ABA.

(b) Dual Chapters are encouraged to use the ABA name and logo on their stationery, in publicity, and in newsletters, but must provide the ABA Executive Director with informational copies of such materials.

(c) Dual Chapters will support the National Brewery Museum & Reference Library in the Potosi Brewery Complex, Potosi Wisconsin, through volunteering time, monetary donations via individual, or Dual Chapter pledges, donations at membership renewal and provide publicity in their publication. Dual Chapter members are encouraged to display their collections at the National Brewery Museum.

(d) Dual Chapters with a website will provide links to website of each Affiliate and list upcoming annual meetings and special events sponsored by the Affiliates. Each Affiliate will do the same for the Dual Chapter.

(e) Regular submission of news and photographs covering activities for the Dual Chapters should be sent for publication to the Editor of the American Breweriana Journal.

5. Annual Report: A Membership & Activities Report will be submitted to the ABA Executive Director by March 1 each year on a form provided by the ABA. The following will also be filed with this report.

(a) Name and address of all officers and directors.

(b) Current membership list.

(c) Year-end financial statement.

(d) Copy of the Dual Chapter Constitution and By-Laws, or if previously submitted, copies of any revisions approved to that document since previous years submission.

(e) A summary of significant past year activities of the Dual Chapter.

(f) Annual Dual Chapter fee of $25.

6. Approval procedures for Dual Chapters:

(a) The president of the current group shall send a letter requesting Dual Chapter status to the ABA Executive Director who will forward to the ABA Board of Directors for review.

(b) The letter should include the name of the organization, officers' names and address, Constitution and By-Laws, previous year and current financial statement, list of other affiliations, current member list, and summary of significant past year activities along with $25 Dual Chapter Annual Fee.

(c) Once approved by the ABA Board of Directors, the ABA will lend its full support to insure the continued success of the Dual Chapter.

Click Here to Download these guidelines.

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