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February 24, 2009
Prehistoric Fun At Potosi

Many people donned caveman or cavewomen costumes Saturday February 21 for Port of Potosi American Breweriana Association Chapter sponsored, inaugural Potosi Cave Party.

The event was held at the Potosi Brewery in the cave - an actual cave in the brewery complex which was opened to the public. The cave is normally used to store and display antique bottling equipment belonging to the ABA National Brewery Museum & Reference Library housed within the Potosi Brewery.

“It was a good fundraiser,” said P.J. Haverland, a member of the Port of Potosi. Each person donated $50 to attend the inaugural event and to become a member of the Potosi Caveman-Cavewoman Club.

“As far as we know, that’s the only club like it in the United States,” said Mike Kress, also a member of the Port of Potosi. He hoped to raise $2,000 from the party and Club Membership. Although there were not a lot of people at the event, Kress said several people from around the country donated money to become members of the Caveman-Cavewomen Club.

The Port of Potosi members said they hope any money raised would be put toward restoring the original Potosi “Rolling Bar” that debuted at the Grant County Fair in 1939. The wooden party on wheels was once pulled to weddings, reunions, picnics and festivals to sell the popular local brew.

The idea for the Potosi Brewery Cave Party began forming a year ago while Kress and other men drank a few beers inside the cave after a long day of work. Kress and the others had spent that winter day moving equipment to be displayed inside the cave.

After finishing their work they purchased a 12-pack of beer and while drinking started to think about a caveman party. “We just decided to open the cave to the public,” Kress said. “We thought it’d make for a nice fundraiser for the brewery.”

Otto Tiegs, a member of the board of ABA and the ABA Museum Foundation, and his wife Jeanne, drove six hours on snowy roads to attend the event dressed as Mr & Mrs Fred Flintstone. “Where I come from this is just one step below the way we normally dress.” he said.

See Fred Flintstone!

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