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National Brewery Museum™
The American Breweriana Association, through the ABA Museum Foundation and in partnership with the Potosi Museum Foundation, has restored the former Potosi Brewery at Potosi, Wisconsin into the National Brewery Museum & Research Library.

Located in the Potosi Brewery Complex at 209 S. Main Street in Potosi Wisconsin. Open Tuesday through Sunday 10 am to 6 pm. (After March 12, 2012 Open Daily 10 am to 6 pm)

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Western Brewer Journals Digital Archives

The Beer Institute in Washington, D. C. has agreed to loan the National Brewery Museum Library their rare complete collection of Western Brewer Journals from 1876 to 1960. These rare Journals will be digitally archived and made available to ABA members and the public at the library.

The first group of Journals from 1876 to 1882 have been archived thanks to a $1,500 contribution from John Dutcher.

There are only 4 known complete sets, 3 in libraries and 1 in a private collection.

The Western Brewer Journal began publication in Chicago in 1876 and was the longest continually published brewing Industry journal. The Journals contain brewing industry advertisements, barley and hops market reports, editorials, obituaries, classifieds, "Brewery Intelligence" and feature articles along with the United Brewrmasters' Association Annual Convention Proceedings. The Journal underwent several name changes including The Beverage Journal during Prohibition and later the Brewers Journal which ceased publication in 1960.

The Journals have hundreds of exceptionally rare lithographs of both Brewery Buildings and the pioneering barons of the Brewing Industry.

The lithographs are awesome.

ABA's investment to digitally archive 44 years (1876 to 1919) of the Western Brewer Journals
is in excess of $20,000 plus another $10,000 to archive 1920 to 1960.

The Western Brewer Journal archival project has turned out to be a much larger & expensive project than originally forecasted.

The number of pages to be archived is more than double the estimate at the start of the project. ABA has currently archived over 250,000 pages, 66 of the 85 years. We recently discovered the Beer Institute does not have all the years of the Journals so we have to find a source for the missing years.

ABA is considering software for viewing all online media including the Journals in a format other than a PDF. The software must be comparable with our database system and one that most of our members can access. The end of 2017 is our current estimate to have the Journals online and available to the membership.

ABA would appreciate your help in this rare opportunity to digitally preserve these historical documents of the Brewing Industry.

Please send your tax-deductible contribution to:
Len Chylack
1122 Nottingham Drive
West Chester, PA 19380-4055

Western Brewer Journals Sponsors

Chris Quimby

John Dutcher
Port of Potosi ABA

Dean & Polly Blazek
Larry Bowden
Tim Bowers
Doug Hoverson

Susan Appel
Otto P. Dobnick
Jim Massey

Bob Post
Warren Weise

Jim Starkman
Dr. Bud Werner

Larry Beauchamp
Wilson Bloom
Carl Flaks
David Helman
Steven Kieckhafer
Donald & Edith Kunz
Larry Moter Jr.
Reino Ojala
Ronald Parks
Gerald Pecinovsky
Reich Brew Crew Chapter
Scott Reich
Steven Skoros
Dale Van Wieren

Up to $99
Mark Benbow
Paul Cervenka
Peter Clure
Keith Dionne
Fred J. Gitner
Michael Hearn
Rich Horrocks
James Kaiser
Jim Keyes
John Kieran
Kevin Kious
David Libby
Giles A. Light Jr.
Stan Loula
John Medkeff
Tom Muller
Robert Musson
Richard J. Ober Jr.
Adrian Ousley
Charles Palka
Chris Paster
Merle Shawd
Russ Truettner
Darrell Zwick

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